• LG Display-POSTECH Industrial Academic Cooperation Center

      01LG Display-POSTECH Industrial Academic Cooperation Center

      LG Display and POSTECH has been actively conducted since the early 1990s. Research on Plasma Display Panels was conducted in the mid-1990s, beginning with research on TV signal processing in 1991. We are currently studying display drive circuits.

    • The Center for BroadbandOFDM Mobile Access

      02The Center for Broadband OFDM Mobile Access

      The Center for Broadband OFDM Mobile Access was established in June 2004 with the participation of POSTECH and four other universities. The intention is to become a leading center in the study of broadband mobile data communication based on OFDM and Multiple Carriers, The ITRC program of the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy was conducted successfully for nine years (2004 ~ 2012, total business expenses 8,176 million won).

    • Steel ControlResearch Center

      03Steel Control Research Center

      November 1994. Then after coordination with POSCO, the Steel Control Research Center was established on July 1, 1995, and Prof. Won Sang-cheol of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department was appointed as the center director.

    • Radar IRTarget Identification Research Center

      04Radar IR Target Identification Research Center

      Radar is a key monitoring and reconnaissance sensor in the field of defense, and its accuracy is being improved remarkably. A radar system must perform functions such as image acquisition and target identification, beyond the existing simple target-detection function.

    • Defense R & D Strategy andTechnology Cooperation Center

      05Defense R & D Strategy and Technology Cooperation Center

      As the government's science and technology policy paradigm shifts to the creation of new industries, i.e., the creation of ecosystem-based R & D centers, the need for centers to perform market-oriented R & D planning and marketing has increased.

    • E - CARResearch Group

      06E - CAR Research Group

      As an electric vehicle research institute of POSCO Group, The E-CAR research group (Research Director: Professor Nam Kwang-Hee, Electrical Engineering) was established in June 2010 to provide electric vehicle business and related R & D results, and to provide related professional manpower.


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