Department ofElectrical Engineering

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      The Department of Electrical Engineering was established to train scientists who are indispensable to achieve advanced-country status for Korea’s electronics industry. The Department’s goals are to educate top-quality students and to conduct research that is consistent with the objectives for which POSTECH was established: supporting intensive research with a small number of select students. We also endeavor to meet national policy objectives that aim to transform Korea into a globally-competitive, technology-intensive economy.
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      Education is focused on a diverse range of basic study and on passing on expertise in electronic and electrical engineering. The Department of Electrical Engineering manages to synthesize educational contents such as electronic engineering, control and measure engineering, computer engineering, electronic communication engineering, electromagnetic wave engineering, and electronic material engineering.
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      The core areas of research and education in the Department of Electrical Engineering include control and power electronics, communications and signal processing, computer engineering, electromagnetics and microwave engineering, solid-state and quantum electronics, and integrated circuits and SoC design.The students are provided with a world-class research environment and superb equipment. Therefore, students are educated to be global leaders with excellent backgrounds in theory and practical ability.